Breastfeeding Course Information

The Health and Human Services, Texas WIC Program collaborates with the Texas Association of Local WIC Directors (TALWD) to provide current, evidence-based lactation education to ensure consistent, accurate information across all levels of health care professionals. Courses are offered virtually, in-person, and on-demand. If your facility would be interested in hosting an in-person Lactation Principles class, please use the Contact Us feature. 


Breastfeeding Management and Breastfeeding the Compromised Infant are offered online to take at your own pace. No pre-requisites and no cost.


Live Classes

Classes are offered in-person and/or virtually. Virtual classes are free to attend and require attending orientation at least once on the learning platform, Livestorm, lasting about 20 minutes. Virtual classes are spread out over the course of several days. Registration is required in advance and closes a week prior to the class.

Who Should Attend

Live courses are designed for local agency WIC staff and health professionals who counsel breastfeeding mothers and would like to improve problem-solving and counseling skills. The classes emphasize critical thinking. You will work through case studies and activities as a group. Be prepared to join the discussions and share your ideas with others in class. There will be no written handout or syllabus so you can focus on discussions.

Active engagement is assessed in this virtual platform using participation via chat and polls. Evidence of consistent active engagement throughout the entire session day is required.

Available courses: Lactation Principles and Advanced Lactation Management 

Lactation Principles

 This course addresses the fundamentals of breastfeeding with an emphasis on counseling by working through case studies, interactive demonstrations and discussions to reinforce material.

  • In-person - one day, registration fee
  • Virtual - 3 consecutive mornings plus orientation, no cost
  • No pre-requisite to attend

Program Content:

  • Benefits & Promotion
  • Counseling
  • Latch & Milk Making
  • Baby Behavior
  • Common Concerns

Advanced Lactation Management

This course addresses advanced breastfeeding concerns and has a series of 4 sessions. Knowledge gained during lectures will prompt participants to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to case studies and various skill-based activities as a group.

  • Virtual only (2024)
  • Attend sessions in any order
  • Register for each session individually
  • Multiple topics each session
  • Guest speaker each session
  • Pre-requisites:

o    Lactation Principles no more than 3 years prior

o    Orientation if not completed at least once. Orientation for ALM is done the morning of Session 1 at 9am. You will be registered automatically.

            Program Content

  •  Session 1 - Advanced Maternal Issues, Medications, and Counseling During Complex Situations, part 1
  • Session 2 - Biomechanics of Lactation, Advances in Maternal and Infant Nutrition During Lactation, part 1, and Counseling During Complex Situations, part 2
  • Session 3 - Advanced Lactation Equipment, NICU Lactation Counseling, and Pediatric Complications
  • Session 4 - Advances in Maternal and Infant Nutrition During Lactation, part 2 and Biospecificity and Composition of Human Milk

Guest Instructors

  • Session 1: Pamela Berens, MD, IBCLC
  • Session 2: Jimi Francis, PhD, RDN, IBCLC
  • Session 3: Emma Omoruyi, MD, MPH
  • Session 4: Jimi Francis, PhD, RDN, IBCLC


  • Kristina Arrieta, MPH, IBCLC
  • Michelle Poole, MS, RN, IBCLC

Continuing Education Credit

You must attend all class time in either format. There is no partial credit awarded and no opportunity to make up any missed time. Contact hours are awarded for a variety of disciplines. Click below for more information.

For details of credits awarded, please view the Continuing Education and Required Disclosures file on the registration page.

LP CE Credits and Required Disclosures

ALM CE Credits and Required Disclosures



There will be no written handouts or syllabus so you can focus on the information.

Things to Consider Prior to Registering:

  • Make sure you have approval from your supervisor or agency prior to registering.
  • You may register prior to completing a pre-requisite class but understand, if the pre-requisite class is not attended/completed, you will be cancelled from subsequent classes.
  •  You must access the virtual classes from a desktop computer or laptop using Chrome, Edge or Foxfire. A tablet, iPad or mobile phone’s screen may not display all components properly needed for this class. Only the instructors and the guest speaker will appear on camera and use the microphone.
  • Please block off this time on your calendar and refrain from working in your clinic/office or doing other activities that will detract from focusing on this event. You should be “present” for the class.
  • If multiple staff will be attending from the same agency or clinic, each person must register and access the class individually.
  • A participation rate of 90% is required to receive credit or a completion certificate. Everyone benefits when all students participate and share. Active engagement is assessed in this virtual platform using participation via chat and polls.

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be made at least 7 days in advance in writing. No refunds or transfers will be allowed for no shows.




Please email for general questions regarding registration or payment. Please allow time for a response. 


For questions regarding eligibility to attend a course, continuing education credits, schedule, or class content, please email the CE coordinator at