Lactation Principles (virtual)
1/8/2024 – 1/11/2024, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Who Should Attend: While anyone may attend, this course is designed for WIC breastfeeding staff and health professionals in similar roles who counsel breastfeeding mothers and would like to improve problem-solving and counseling skills. The class emphasizes critical thinking. This is a basic to intermediate level course and is activity oriented. You will work through case studies and activities as a group. Be prepared to join the discussions and share your ideas and experiences with others in class. There will be no written handouts or syllabus so you can focus on activities.

Class Details:

  • Monday - mandatory orientation beginning at 9am CT (lasts about 15-20 minutes)
  • Tuesday thru Thursday - class days from 9am-12pm CT
Minimum # Required: ~30

Pre-Requisite: none


Things to Consider: Please consider the following statements below to ensure a 100% attendance rate.

1) Make sure you have your supervisor's approval prior to registering.

2) You must access this class from a desktop or laptop computer with Chrome, Edge, or Foxfire. A notebook, tablet, iPad, or cell phone may not work properly and won't be able to show the presentation and chat/poll features.

3) You must commit to attend and participate in ALL class dates for the entire length of time. There will be no make-up of missed time or days.

4) If multiple staff will be attending from the same agency or clinic, each person must register and access the class individually.

5) Active engagement is assessed in this virtual platform using paricipation via the chat and polls features. Attendees will not be on camera or mic; only instructors. Evidence of consistent, active engagement throughout the entire training is REQUIRED for a completion certificate or continuing education hours.

6) Please refrain from doing other work or activities in your office that will detract from learning or focusing during this event. If you are needed to assist clients or patients, please let us know before logging out of the class.

7) A link for the class evaluation will be emailed after the event. You must submit the evaluation within 7 days.


Continuing Education:

This event is "all or none." There is no partial credit awarded and no opportunity to make up any missed time. Contact hours are awarded for a variety of disciplines. Check under "Files" for details.

Requirements for Successful Completion

  • Attend the event in its entirety
  • Actively participate via chat, polls, and group discussions with a minimum of a 90% participation rate calculated by Livestorm analytics.
  • Submit a completed evaluation.


Kristina Arrieta, MPH, IBCLC

Michelle Poole, MS, RN, IBCLC

Infant Feeding Branch, HHS Texas WIC Program

  • Submit a completed evaluation.

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Online class over 3 consecutive days
Missy Hammer
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