Texas Association of Local WIC Directors

The Texas Association of Local WIC Directors, TALWD, is a professional organization made up of local WIC Directors who put forth efforts to influence program planning, changes to WIC policies, coordination between local and state agencies, and implementation and administration of the WIC Program on the local, state and federal level. Our Mission is to Partner with the Texas WIC State Agency, Advocate for WIC's mission and Provide a framework for WIC Directors. Through TALWD, WIC Directors are able to come together to discuss and plan for the impact of trends, work through challenges affecting participation and program function, look for ways to improve our program services, and provide support to one another.

As a member of TALWD you can participate in a number of committees (which gives you the chance to provide valuable input) and events. You also have the opportunity to network with fellow directors and learn more about WIC throughout Texas. Your voice as a TALWD member is needed and valued!

TALWD 2019 Conference

TALWD is planning the 2019 Annual Conference in El Paso!

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Annual 2018 TALWD Conference was held in Rose City, Tyler, TX
Friday, January 4, 2019 at 4:52pm

In Early November, WIC Directors from all parts of the state arrived in Tyler, Texas for the 2018 TALWD Annual Meeting.

The conference included several exciting and empowering events such as a trip the Pine Cove for a day filled with a forward-thinking leadership training led by Mr. Brian Brandt CEO of Core Insights.

Mr. Brandt provided the top 20 concepts/ways Creating the Team Culture You Always Wanted. WIC Directors embraced the outdoors with activities including archery, barnyard swing, canoeing, zip line and two activities that involved us being blindfolded. The goals of these activities were to reinforce the importance of effective communication.

Many of us found ourselves laughing and reflecting on how we “thought” we were communicating to our partner just fine, but realizing that sometimes our perception is not reality. Though the conference included fun-filled evening activities, the TALWD Business Meeting and the State Staff Meeting was productive as led by Bertha Amaya in a open discussion about the challenges local agencies were facing.

TALWD Membership Renewal

Have you renewed your TALWD membership for the upcoming year? TALWD memberships expire each year on December 31st. 

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